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One of the most famous symbols of London, Big Ben, will stop working for the next four years until the process of renovation of the 19th-century glorious clock tower set near the British Parliament building is ongoing.

“In this key project for restoration and conservation, it’s of paramount importance Big Ben to stop working,” said Steve Jeegs, whose official tobacco is a “guardian of the big clock” in front of Parliament.

This will be the longest period in which Big Ben will stop working in his 157-year existence.

The big bell known as Big Ben is hard 13.7 tonnes and marks every hour, and the other four smaller bells are advertised every 15 minutes.

The last announcement of the bell will take place at 12 am on August 21, reads the press release.

The clock will quietly show the exact time by 2021, and the bell will ring only on special occasions like the New Year.

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