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Dogs are very lovable. But they may become very aggressive in order to protect their owner. Here is a list of the 9 best dog keepers.


This kind of dog is very courageous. It’s very loyal and protective. This dog is the perfect solution if you have an intruder in your house. It’s enough for the intruder just to see this dog. He will be gone in the blink of an eye.


Doberman Pinscher

This dog was always a good keeper. It’s good to have one if you have a big yard. They are very fast and capable of catching the pray for a very short time. They are also very intelligent and very loyal.


They tirelessly protect their owners. If you become a member of the family it will protect you for the rest of it’s life. These dogs prefer people more then animals. They are very aggressive with strangers. But once they realize that you’re not a threat they become very friendly.


People use them for protecting the herds of sheep in the villages. They are very strong courageous and loyal. They are great pets and they love kids.



They are very good keepers. They are always cautious. This dog will bark for hours if there is a problem which is likely to occur at any moment. They are very intelligent and social. This dog enjoy’s a long walk with it’s owner.


Giant Schnauzer

These dogs are very stubborn. They must know who is the boss in order to respect their owner. Giant Schnauzer is very strong and loyal.


German Shepherd

These dogs are very popular. They are fearless and extremely intelligent. German Shepherd is used by police and military very often. They are also very shy and protective.



These dogs are very good keepers. They may have an innocent look but they are very aggressive especially with strangers. Kuvasz dog needs a lot of attention from it’s owner. These dogs like playing with kids.


Staffordshire Terrier

This dog is used for battles with bulls and bears. They are aggressive and protective. Staffordshire Terrier is very stubborn. They must know who is the boss in order to respect their owner.


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