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For a long time I refused to visit Portugal, I did not pay as much attention to other European countries, but last summer when I was given the opportunity to visit, I immediately took advantage of the chance and stayed for a month and a half in Lisbon.

The popular city with its beautiful architecture and its painted “azaleoso” tiles typical of the whole country, sunny weather and delicious Portuguese cuisine, is a sensual maze of different perspectives, flavors and flavors.

The first few days of my arrival I was in doubt whether Lisboa liked me or not.

I was not used to walking around a city located on seven hills, as is known in the world, and dealing with steep lanes, hundreds of steps and downhill slopes that you can easily stumble and rush.

In the first week I got inflammation of the muscles and concluded that this is a city just for people with fitness. Without a joke, when I looked at the city soberly, I was completely conquered. We needed to get closer to each other in order to reveal my beauty.

Praça do Comércio with the statue of Jose I is the main square of the city, which builds on one of the busiest streets of Augusta, filled with shops, restaurants and pastry shops.

Like every metropolis, there is such a bustling crowd that I could hardly wait to jump into Alpha, the oldest quarter.

There I flew old people leaning on window frames who curiously observe what is happening outside. This was so funny that I immediately connected it with our Macedonian mentality.

From here you can easily reach the medieval castle São Jorge, which provides a beautiful view of the city and is one of the most important historical centers in the Portuguese capital.

All the main streets were filled with small yellow trams, and when I was next to them I had the feeling that I had returned to the past.

In a special world I know only from movies and books. Even when I heard a fado song, then I felt nostalgic for something I never experienced.

The Kamois square, named after their famous poet Louis Di Camois in the district of Bairo Alto, is the center from which nightly parties begin. The quartet with more than 200 cafes is almost daily filled with young people and drunken teenagers.

I was looking forward to coming to the weekends why the best friendships were then. Interestingly, in Lisbon, all women wear sneakers, high heels would mean self-pouring. Smugglers do not allow this pleasure.

Street Bika, one of the most famous streets for photography, and at the same time my favorite is famous for the elevator-tram and cheap bars where beer can be found for 1 euro and sangria for 2 euros.

Close to this benchmark is Pink Street, filled with night clubs, and Pensão Amor, a former brothel is a two-storey bar with a sex shop, a striptease rod and a tarot card reader. Really “rugged” place.

Along the coast of the Tezo River, there is a Cais do Sodré train station, from where you can reach the sandy beaches. Many people think that Lisbon exits the Atlantic Ocean, but the water surface that ships on its shores is the Teezo River.

True beaches, such as Praia de Carcavelos, Praia da Conceição and Costa da Caparica, which can be flooded with tourists and surfers, are about half an hour away from Lisbon. And the water of the ocean is so cold that you can not get acid for hours.

The 25 April Bridge is also a striking landmark, connects Lisbon with Almada, and when I first traveled by bus, I thought I was in San Francisco.

The view that the bridge offers is difficult to understand with words, and the wind knows how to clear your mind no matter how drunk the previous night.

Immediately on this, the great statue of Jesus is built up, built in honor of the one in Rio de Janeiro, only with a smaller smaller scale and a panorama with which everyone wants to make a “selfie”.

I was friends with tourists and once we had closer contact, they had to leave. At first it was interesting, but then it became devastating. In any case, the stay itself was more than satisfactory.

Seafood is a very important segment for this city, just every visitor eats fresh sardines and shrimp, and no one can leave Lisbon without tasting Pastel de Nata, crispy cookies filled with cream.

I remember that before I left Portugal, I ate eight sweets within a few minutes. After I was not able to put sugar in my mouth for the next two weeks.

This is just a small overview of the opportunities and beauties that are spread across Lisbon. So do not wait a lot, but pack your Bags and go on a trip.

If you hesitate to travel in the next months, find new places and expand your horizons then Lisbon is the right choice.

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