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The small island of the Pacific, Guam, is in the spotlight these days, and 160,000 inhabitants are in fear that they might become victims of the conflict between the US and North Korea.

Guam from 1898 is American territory, and this in itself is quite a motive for attacking Kim Jong Un, but not unique. The nearest settlement to Guam is Micronesia, about 1,000 kilometers away.

Guam is the closest US territory to North Korea, about 3,000 kilometers away, and the impact would be a pure demonstration of force, Pyongyang’s provocation, but also proof that the country’s nuclear weapons are in constant growth.

A few days ago, the Washington Post announced that North Korea had made a miniature nuclear warhead that could fit it into a rocket, with a total of 60 nuclear units in that country.

The second very important thing for Pyongyang is the US military base in Guam equipped with the “THAAD” Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, capable of intercepting missiles and having American B-52 bombers that have the ability to carry battles Heads, as well as 7,000 soldiers.

Officials in North Korea have presented a detailed plan to launch ballistic missiles in the waters around Guam in the Pacific. The plan, which implies that ballistic missiles will strike water at 30 or 40 kilometers from Guam, will be presented next week to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, who will then decide on further steps.

Japan and South Korea promised a strong reaction if Pyongyang resumed the plan, and such a move would almost certainly force the United States to intercept missiles, which could result in escalation.

Guam citizens who do not have the right to vote in US elections but are American after birth are in fear of possible clashes.


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