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Everyone wants to visit Paris, London, Rome … the famous European metropolises, but forget that there are not so famous places that offer also rich content, and often for a much lower price. Therefore, the next time you are tempting to take a walk through Europe, keep in mind these destinations:

#1 La costa, France

La costa is located in Provence, about 40 km from Marseille, where the palace of the Marquis De Sade of the 17th century is located. There are a number of wineries with vineyards where you can taste French wine.

#2 Surrey, England

Surrey is a two-hour drive from Manchester Airport, dating back to the 14th century. It is recommended as a great destination if you want relaxation and relaxation. The place is abundant with historical and cultural monuments, especially for literary lovers.

#3 Rothenburg, Germany

This city in Bavaria is an hour’s drive from Nuremberg. It’s about the best preserved medieval city in Germany and looks like a fairy tale. Towers, stone alleys, old buildings … you can find all this in Rotenburg. Although the site is mummified at any time of the year, it is recommended to visit around Christmas because there is a rich Christmas fair held there.

#4 Bruges, Belgium

From Brussels to Brugge you can reach only a half-hour drive. Perhaps this is one of the most famous cities on this list, but still often neglected compared to popular destinations in Europe. It’s best to browse the city on a bike to feel the atmosphere and soak up the medieval architecture. Visit the Valentine’s Day, eat swans or take a look at the Museum of Chocolate.

#5 Bergen, Norway

From Oslo to Bergen, travel one hour by plane, and by train you will need more time, but you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Norway in the near future. This city exists from 1070, and today it is a destination that offers rich entertainment and cultural life, with many festivals and events. Of course, the colorful houses and the rest of the fascinating architecture are also attractive.




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