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Children when they are born do not see almost anything at all – they distinguish light and dark, everything is in the fog and they see black and white.

For their kind to understand, and for a little better and color to see the world around you, babies need a little more time.

In fact, the optic nerves of newly born babies are not fully formed, and the brain also needs time to mature so that it can process all the irritations that come to him.

That’s why, British eye surgeon Romesh Anguavela has made an interesting GIF that shows us how the vision of a small child from the moment of birth to his first birthday changes.

The visual cortex of the brain occupies almost a third of the brain and affects the processing of the “flood” of visual information that interacts with the moment the eyes are opened for the first time, Dr. Angunavela explains.

Otherwise, babies begin to see the colors around themselves for three months, with red being the first to identify them.


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