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Does your conception of paradise mean a tropical island with crystal clear waters and a bunch of dogs? Sounds amazing, do you agree? Get ready for a real surprise, because such an island really exists and you can visit.

This dreamland is located on the Turks and the Caicos Islands in the Bahamas where an organization named Potcake Place provides shelter for street dogs on the island. The dogs are from the Potcake race, originating from several Caribbean islands. It is a mixed dog breed that got its name after a mixture of rice and peas with which the inhabitants of the island feed the dogs. Although this breed has no standard appearance, dogs usually have long faces, sharpened ears and soft fur.

This shelter allows you to go to the beach and hang out with some of the dogs. Feel free to give your love to a furry friend and enjoy the afternoon filled with swimming and sand. If you fall in love with the puppy during your game, you can take it for free even though the shelter requires the adopters to make some donation to help them. They will even make sure to get home safely.

However, there are several conditions that you need to fulfill in order to adopt a dog. According to the organization’s website you must have at least 25 years and everyone in the home must understand that adoption of a dog is a 10-15 year commitment that should be taken seriously.

You can ask which dogs are available for adoption and go there to get to know your favorite live. The fact that there is an island full of dogs is a good reason why you should visit Turks and Caicos.

Look at these dogs that are simply too emotional and sweet.




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