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What three zodiac signs tend to commit the greatest crimes? Based on FBI surveys, out of all 12 signs in the Zodiac, the list was rounded up to 3 who possess the greatest criminal potential.

Will you be surprised at the answers?


Cancers surprisingly are the most dangerous according to the FBI list. This seemingly peaceful and emotional sign has the potential to commit a crime triggered by passion, mainly because of mental instability or a huge dose of jealousy. Cancer is also the zodiac sign that is most capable of killing, and most criminals have exactly this zodiac sign.

Who would say?


Scorpio is simply sinister. He has a dark and hidden side that makes them great spies and assassins. They can be pretty big saddlers and they are great manipulators. Their sting is deadly. According to statistics, the largest number of serial killers were born precisely in November. Scorpions, we are not surprised, right?


Shooters rarely have the ability to hurt other people, so they often become thieves. It’s hard to get arrested because they’re always on the run, always a step ahead of the others. However, sometimes even their worst criminal side floods on the surface, so they can be quite physically aggressive if you challenge them.

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