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Tao Parkchon Lynch is 99 years old. She is a yoga master, model, actress and activist who spreads positive energy throughout the world. Tao is the oldest yoga instructor in the world, and her inspirational video footage is followed by millions of people.

Tao had her love for yoga since her eighth year when she noticed a group of guys doing daily practice of this discipline. She came to them and began to train with them. When she notified her aunt, she disagreed with her choice.

“It’s not for girls, but only for boys,” she said, but this brave lady did not give up on her passion.

Thus, Tao almost 70 years ago, of which the last 45 most often travels around the world and holds trainings.

“Yoga helped me in everything I wanted to achieve in my life. When I felt as if I could not face face to face with the world, I hid in my darkness. But when I practiced yoga, the whole world was full of light,” says Tao.

People travel around the world to attend her classes. Currently holding trainings at Madison Square Park in New York, and interest is great.

The Yoga instructor believes that this discipline and this way of life enabled her to live for 99 years. Her outlook on life is simple: “I am laughing at the world, and he returns me with the same measure, with a smile.”

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