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When you are asked about famous inventors, you always start with Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, or Leonardo Da Vinci. But have you heard about Mary Anderson or Ann Cucamoto?

In addition we present the 9 innovations that we would not have it, if they were not found by these women:

#1 Computer software – Grace Hopper

In 1952, she created the first interpreter, who could translate the formulated instructions into a code that computers can read and thus make programming faster. Hopper also popularized the term “de-bugging”, which is now used in computer programs after the moth was removed from the inside of her machine.

#2 Call Recognition and Call Waiting – Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

Its telecommunications discoveries also allowed others to invent a portable fax, optical cables and solar cells. She is the first African American to acquire a PhD from the Technological Institute and the first woman to lead a top-ranked research university.

#3 Windshield wiper – Maria Anderson

She was inspired for this invention when she was visiting New York and noticed that her driver had to open the window to clear the snow from the front glass or the windshield. Later, she began to draw her device that was rewarded.

#4 Space station batteries – Olga Gonzalez Sanabria

Long nickel-hydrogen batteries with a long cycle of work, have helped to power the International Space Station, so that’s very important. She is today the director of engineering at the research center Gen in Nasha.

#5 Dishwasher – Josephine Cockrain

Kokrain wanted a machine that would wash her vessels for a faster time than her servants were less likely to break when washing. After the death of her husband, she opened her own production plant.

#6 Homeland Security System – Mary Van Britman Brown

Mary was a housewife and often spent time at home and came up with an idea to create something she would feel safe. Therefore, together with her husband, they made the first security system in response to increased robberies and slow police actions.

#7 Isolation on the mother cells – En Cukamoto

It contributed to the understanding of the blood systems of patients with cancer, which could lead to a cure for the disease. Currently researching the growth of stem cells.

#8 Kevlar – Stefani Kvolek

This chemist invented the light fiber that was used in clothes without touching the body. It is found in products like gloves, households and mobile phones on planes.

#9 Monopoly – Elizabeth Meggy

Charles Dahro is actually the man who invented this game on the board, but Maggie has invented the rules of the game. She wanted to demonstrate the accumulation of wealth with an innovative game in which players trade fake money and property.

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