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Yoga has many positive benefits when it comes to health, appearance, but also the feeling that we get after exercise.

However, despite the great number of benefits that apply to all people, there are some stereotypes and yoga are more practiced by women.

Boys, however, are more committed to more humble sports or, more often, to gymnastics. But times change and slowly, and men begin to break barriers and begin to understand the benefits of yoga, although these are very rare cases.

Of course, nothing can do it with force, but if you are from those men who are hesitant about this topic, read the following reasons that will encourage you:

#1 Increases your flexibility

Being flexible is important at all ages, and with aging it becomes even more necessary. You need to keep the body and its mobility at all times of your life, even when you are old.

#2 It improves respiratory and cardiac health

The American Heart Association recommends yoga for all people, and especially for those who want to avoid and prevent heart problems.

Many other professionals advise and believe that those who practice yoga lead a healthy life and prevent heart disease.

#3 They oppose the negative effects of other physical activities

Men often want harsh and heavier sports that create a lot of effort on the body and most often curse their back on one side. Yoga balances and corrects the body and the spine.

#4 It helps in weight loss and toning muscles

Many think that with yoga is not getting worse, but according to a survey by an alternative medicine store, it has been shown that men who exercise yoga have lost 2 pounds in 10 days. Yoga reduces cortisol levels, a stress hormone that stimulates the body to accumulate fat.

#5 It relieves chronic pain in the lower back

Those with back pain know that feeling is terrible and that it can really cause you problems, and also destroys sex life.

Many of the guys often spend time in front of a computer in a sitting position, and as a result, there are pains in the back that yoga alleges.

#6 It reduces stress, anxiety and depression

In yoga, a combination of physical postures, controlled breathing, and relaxation techniques have been practiced that have been shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure and stabilizing the pulse, both of which are related to stress.

#7 It improves sex life

Many men who have tried to improve sex life in different ways have admitted that yoga has also helped them to increase libido and sexual performance themselves.

In 2010, research on men aged 24-60 years showed that yoga improves all domains of sexual function, and the breathing techniques and concentration that they teach help men to better transfer sexual energy.

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