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Here are 16 lessons inspired from a three-month journey , from the ancient culture of the people and the wisdom of mysterious India… Experienced and tested.


  1. Do not be anywhere, but here!

Do not hurry. You don`t need to be there, where you feel good. If you feel that you are somewhere where you should not be, get up and go where your heart is calling. But remember that for finding something is not necessarily to go somewhere. This is a very thin line. The key is in the constant presence.


  1. Allow it to happen

Do not try to control people and events. Do not plan, do not wait, but desire. “Learn to live with the pause in which nothing happens.”

Allow people to come to you, and events – happen. They do not happen to you with no reason.


  1. Go for freedom

Allow yourself the freedom to be yourself and to others – be themselves. Remember that everyone has their own way and their own lessons. If you cross the road – great. But if you do not – that is also good. Because whatever you do is always good. For you, for him, for her and for all.


  1. Do not be afraid

From nothing. Never. Do not move in the usual way. Redraw your path. If you feel you must say something or do something – do it. Do not let formalities like “I have a return ticket” or “I do not have enough money for that.” Do not fear for your physical body. Remember: you’re always in the womb of mother universe. Had she not take care of you? Choose to be free from fear.


  1. Less is more

Do not try to have it all right away. Even when you think you do not have nothing – you always have something. And for what you neceserely need – reached out to a friend, brother or coincidentally passing man. Be moderate in everything.


  1. Do not cling to people

Otherwise you will not get your experience. Anyway, you can never be alone, because wherever you go you will find people. Your people will fill you up, will  inspire you, they will learn you. And remember: if you do not have way with someone, do not run after him.


  1. Let it go , always let it go

With smile. With love. Everything and everyone. But never say goodbye. Because nothing is ever final. Say, “Thank you and see you soon.”



  1. Be water

Remember the principle of wave – the wave is coming and the wave goes. This applies to everything – condition, money, people, things. There are ebbs, there are tides. Nothing is static. We live in a world of movement. Do not immerse in one or the other condition – it will change. You can not keep anything, so do not try. Better be thankful in this moment for what it is.


  1. Listen to your inner voice

It has three exclamation marks! Listen to the advice of others, but do what you feel is right. If I listened to others for this trip, this trip would never take place – and this is the journey of my life. I would never swim to the other bank of the Ganges and so far I would be afraid to fit into incomprehensible.

Listen to yourself. Always.


  1. Trust

Trust to the people , to the cosmos,trust to God. Trust that everything in your life is going in the best way for you. Even when you think that worse can not be. It can.

“God’s rejection is God’s protection”


  1. Set aside even a few minutes a day just for yourself.

Meditate, paint, write, walk in nature or just be in silence. Even a few minutes will help you understand what you need and what is inspired by other people, by your mind , or by illusions.


  1. Love yourself

Respect your wishes , your body. And remember: you can not have everything. You do not have to choose: work on the heart or work for money; relations, in which I love or in which they love me; sea or mountains.

Everything can. Anything is possible.


  1. Share

Always. With everyone. With the dog. With poor people. With friend. Do not expect anything in return.

“If you feed only yourself you will not have many benefits.”


  1. Have desires

But choose them carefully.They come true.


15.To dress a new shirt , you need to throw away the old one.


  1. Travel

It is best to do it alone. Because wherever you go, everything you need, always will be with you.

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