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The Japanese have a concept of ‘Chindogu’ which means useless invention. They are ingenious gadgets that aim at making life simpler but at the end of the day, are pretty pointless. Here are some of the craziest Chindogus from Japan you won’t believe actually exist!

#1 The lipstick applier.

We can already see the Indian ladies in metros/buses/locals jumping up to grab these.

#2 The cleaner-cum-shoe.

Something that is very useful for the stay-at-home ladies.

#3 The tissue-roll hair band.

Because you never know when you might just need a tissue!

#4 The perfect tool for rain-water harvesting.

Also because carrying litres of water along is just so easy!

#5 The bug-killing chappal.

Easiest way to kill those pests without venturing near them!

#6 Nail paint dryer.

Why would you place your nails under a fan when you can give your arm a workout too?

#7 Butter grater.

Cheese has one. Why differentiate?!

#8 The lap pillow.

For when you are too lonely and want a soft lap to rest on.

#9 The hug pillow.

Because if men get laps, women get hugs. Hey! The Japanese are not sexist.

#10 Double breast feeding nipples.

Atrocious. Simply atrocious!

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